Website Management & Optimisation Packages

Have a website, don’t know if it’s working for your business, wondering how to improve its performance?

Sound familiar? Then our Management & Optimisation Packages could be the answer, we’ll look at your website and work out the best ways to improve it.

What Do I Get?

We offer 3 different Website Management & Optimisation packages. All provide different levels of support for your website:

The starter package we’ll perform a website audit to find out how you site is performing and come up with a strategy to implement any changes.

How do we do it?

We have a few options depending on what you are looking for,

Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation, Lets Find Out What They’re All About.

Web analytics is fundamentally how we measure how well your website is performing. By using software to track the visitors behaviour while they are on your site we can find out many things about your website. For example:

  • are there any areas of the website that aren’t performing properly
  • reversely, we can find out the areas that are performing well
  • check where people leave the site the most
  • see how long visitors stay on your website and track their use with there.
  • track conversions & conversion rate
  • find breaks in your sales funnel, where visitors are jumping ship
  • find out how much traffic is coming from social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • find the elements that are under performing, for A-B testing

The list goes on and on, but hopefully you can begin to see the power of web analytics, and how we could use it to improve conversion rate.

Web Analytics Conversion Optimisation

The great thing about knowing all this information is that we can now begin to optimise your site by using a technique called Conversion Optimisation. 

By taking an element from the website that we worked out was under-performing using our web analytics software, we can then create two different versions of this element and test them against each other by using software and doing a little coding on your website, this will allow us to see which one performs best for that particular test, usually improving conversion rate. Then the winning version would be added permanently to your site, or at least until we want to test it again.

This is called A-B testing and only ever involves two versions of the same element.

Another method of Conversion Optimisation is multi-variant testing, this is a much more complex way to test the elements of  your website. It involves testing multiple elements at any one time, it can become quite easy to get lost in all the data.  A-B Testing and Multi-Variant Testing have there advantages and disadvantages, something we would discuss if we were working on a project with you.

How Long Will It Take?

Both Conversion Optimisation & Web Analytics are not one time tasks, they are usually ongoing projects. Small benefits can be made from single A-B testing, but to make sure you website is performing at it’s best and your conversion rate is at the highest it’s much more beneficial to treat these practices as long term projects.

A Bit About The Software We Use

The software used to perform web analytics and conversion optimisation, ranges in price from Free to ten’s of thousands of pounds. Fortunately unless your are a big multi-national company you’ll be fine using the free versions, Google Analytics and Google Website Optimiser in this case . Don’t be fooled in to thinking these free versions from Google will be inferior, far from it they happen to be two of the most important pieces of software for optimising a website around today.

How Do I Get Started

All you need to get started is a Website and some Traffic. If you have neither of these have a look at our FREE BUSINESS WEBSITE OFFER HERE. Once you have a website up and running and traffic visiting that site, it’s time to start measuring and A-B testing.

To Get Your Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation Up And Running Give Us A Call On 0845 544 1864, Or Use The Contact Form Here