How to Maintain a WordPress Website

Got a lovely new WordPress website, you’ll want to make sure it stays that way. Maintaining your website is key to making sure it stays up and running smoothly. In this post I’ll be going over the best practices, plus recommending a couple of great plugins for maintaining your WordPress website. Why Maintain a WordPress […]

How to re-design a website and not ruin your SEO

Re-designing a website may seem like a great idea, who wouldn’t want a nicely designed new website that’s SEO friendly and meets current web standard. But you have to be careful, a re-design means messing with the structure of your website, it’s important to make sure you don’t destroy all the important SEO value Google […]

The Benefits Of Using WordPress For Your Business Website

Thinking of getting your first business website, or maybe your just planing on upgrading your existing business website for a more modern version. If either of the statements above apply to you, it would be wise to take a second and read the rest of this post! You could save yourself a lot of time […]

How to Use Google Plus & Authorship to Boost SEO Efforts

  Are Google going to fall flat on their face again with their latest attempt at social networking, we’ve seen it happen all to often when the big G take a step into the social networking space with the likes of Orkut in 2004, Wave in 2009, and Buzz in 2010. This time around though […]

How To Find Local Twitter Users Using Social Bro And Start Engaging

This post is aimed at anyone wanting to learn how to find local twitter users, using Social Bro, a brilliant and free app for managing twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter account I recommend you head over to Twitter and sign up for one now, you’ll defiantly need one to follow this tutorial. Twitter […]